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About Lucas Gear


Our unique collection includes an array of items from casual wear to our branded workout apparel. We offer items for men, women and children of all ages. Lucas Gear products are made to withstand the tough grind of hard workouts or a casual walk in the park providing comfort and a relaxed feel. In addition, you can take all the items you need with you to the gym or on vacation using our sports ball material synthetic leather backpacks and duffel bag products. These products are made from actual sports specific ball material, how cool is that? These items are truly a sports enthusiasts dream and a great compliment to your Lucas Gear and Be Unbelievable wardrobe.

You may notice that we have priced our products well below retail value verses similar items offered at much higher prices.  Our goal at Lucas Gear is for millions of people to purchase our products because they appreciate the meaning and purpose behind our brand. “Lucas meant so much to us, but also to so many kids with disabilities. He overcame so many obstacles when the odds where against him. His toughness, intergirity, strength and perseverance set the bar for others to follow”. We simply refuse to sacrifice quality for price. Therefore, our items are top level garments offered at reasonable prices guaranteed or your money back. 


The specialized logo design you see on our products depicts our son Lucas throwing a football to dad, shortly before losing his ability to walk and run.  The logo serves as the official stamp of quality, courage, faith, strength, determination, perseverance, grit, loyalty and most importantly LOVE. You will find this logo on all of our company labeled products. So when you see Lucas Gear, Be Unbelievable or Lucas Strong you will know it’s meaning and become empowered to work to your full potential and capabilities. We encourage you not to let perceived limitations hold you back from discovering your own strength and potential. 

We hope you will give our collection of items a try! Thank you for your support and for always being #LucasStrong! 


    Lew & Stacey Montgomery

    Lucas Gear, LLC    



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