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Our History


LEW & STACEY MONTGOMERY - Founders Lucas Gear, LLC

Our company was founded out of the love we have for our son Lucas who suffers from a rare genetic and life threatening disorder called Sanfilippo Syndrome Type IIIB. He has since lost his ability to walk, run, speak and confined to a wheelchair. But his determination to “not give up without a fight” is displayed with his appreciation and affection of hugs, hi-fives and his classic smiles when we least expect it.  Because of his drive and motivation, we decided to share his unbelievable journey with others and launched this online-ecommerce clothing and leather bag sales company called Lucas Gear.

An idea for brand expansion came to me in the spring of 2016, called Be U - Unbelievable, which encourages people to simply “fit no stereotypes”. Be confident, work hard, play hard, love themselves and others regardless of limitations. Lucas has paved the way for this  logo look by leading by example and now - Be Unbelievable – serves as the core of Lucas Gear, LLC business model.

In the fall of 2016, we expanded our line to include Lucas Strong and #Lucas Strong to leverage social media campaigns and the concept of fighting through adversity and being strong day in and day out.

“We want millions of people to own our products because they appreciate the meaning and purpose behind our brand"

Our specialized logo symbol design is one of the last photos we have of Lucas running and throwing a pass to me prior to being wheelchair bound. This iconic symbol serves as the official logo for our company and respectfully labeled on all of great products. When you see our logo we hope it reminds you of our amazing our Lucas and for you to stay determined. 

We hope you will give our collection of items a try and thank you for your support.

Lew & Stacey Montgomery