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About Lucas Gear

Our unique collection includes an array of items that specializes in workout apparel and casual wear for men, women and children. Our branded products are made to withstand the tough grind of hard workouts or a casual walk in the park. Take the items you need with you to the gym or on vacation using our synthetic leather products made from actual sports specific ball material. Truly a sports enthusiast dream and a great complement to your Lucas Gear workout or casual wardrobe.

We have priced our products well below retail value for similar types of items from our competitors because “We want millions of people to own our products because they appreciate the meaning and purpose behind our brand."

The specialized logo design represents me throwing a football to my dad before losing my ability to walk, run and serves as the official logo for all of our company labeled products.

We hope you will give our collection of items a try and thank you for your support.      


    Lucas Montgomery

    President-Lucas Gear, LLC    



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