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Be Unbelievable Headband

Be Unbelievable Headband


Polyester and Spandex 


The material is absorbent and breathable,ideal for people who have sensitive skin and this headband does not cause your head to over heat and get all sweaty. They also have a nice stretch to them and they stay in place.

They are loose enough to wear comfortably yet tight enough to remain in place and maintain their shape,they keep you cool and feel excellent.

This head wrap can be opened up and wear as a bandana or push together and wear as a headband.They also can be used as ponytail headband.These will work and look great with any style of hair. With Six colors you can match a lot of outfits.

Machine Washable

These headbands are easy to wash,just toss them in with your clothes and they do not fray or lose their elasticity.